Welcome to Modern.js Module

Modern.js Module is a modules engineering solution for Modern.js, as well as a core dependency. It allows developers to build, debug, and publish module type project more easily. A module type project can mostly be thought of as an npm package type project, which may be a component, component library or tool library project.

If you are planning to develop a project of the npm package type, then you came to the right place! Modern.js provides a professional Modern.js Module. It gives you:

  • Simple project initialization: simply execute the npx @modern-js/create project-dir command, followed by a few interactive questions, to create a complete module type project. The created project also supports the choice of two package managers, pnpm and Yarn.
  • Code formatting: In Modern.js Module, you can execute modern lint to format the code. The initialized module project includes the ESLint ruleset for Modern.js for most scenarios.
  • Comprehensive build capabilities and faster builds: Modern.js Module provides high-performance build capabilities based on esbuild and SWC, and provides rich configurations for different build scenarios.
  • Storybook debugging tools: Modern.js Module provides Storybook debugging tools for debugging module projects. After installing the Storybook plugin for Modern.js Module, you can start it with the storybook dev command. You can use Storybook not only for debugging components, but also for other types of modules.
  • Testing capabilities with Jest: When you need to test a module, you can use the modern test command of Modern.js Module, which not only integrates with Jest, but also provides an API for configuring Jest.
  • Versioning based on Changesets: When you need to record changes to a project, you can use the modern change command to generate a Markdown file containing the changes; when you need to upgrade a project, you can use the modern bump command to analyze and upgrade the version through the Markdown file; when you need to release a project, you can use the modern release command to release the project; Modern.js Module implements these commands based on Changesets.
  • Extensible plugin mechanism: Want to integrate additional debugging tools for your project? Or maybe you want to do some extra processing during the build process, Modern.js Module provides a plugin mechanism and plugin hooks that cover both the dev command and the build command process. You can use them to extend the capabilities of your project.
  • Lots more! Modern.js Module will continue to optimize its build and debug features in the future. If there are important issues to be solved in module project building, or if a mainstream module project debugging tool or pattern emerges, then they will probably be supported by Modern.js Module.