• Type: object
  • Default: { enableHtmlEntry: true, externalBasicLibrary: false }
interface MicroFrontend {
  enableHtmlEntry?: boolean;
  externalBasicLibrary?: boolean;
  moduleApp?: string;

Developers can configure micro-frontend sub-application information using the deploy.microFrontend object.


To enable the "Micro Frontend" features, run pnpm run new first.


export default defineConfig({
  deploy: {
    microFrontend: {
      enableHtmlEntry: true,



  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Specifies whether to enable the HTML entry. By default, it is set to true, which means the sub-application is built in HTML mode. Garfish supports the html entry, so you can enable this option to experience the corresponding features. When using the HTML entry, simply point the sub-application entry to the HTML file.

Set it to false to indicate that the sub-application is built as js. After building the sub-application as js, it cannot run independently. When using the JS entry, point the entry file of the sub-application to the JS file of the sub-application.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Specifies whether to use the external base library. When set to true, the current child application will be externalized for react and react-dom. The main application of Modern.js will automatically setExternal these two base libraries. If you are using other frameworks, please add react and react-dom dependencies through Garfish.setExternal.