• Type: string
  • Default: '/'

When using CDN in the production environment, you can use this option to set the URL prefix of static assets.

assetPrefix will affect the URLs of most of the static assets, including JavaScript files, CSS files, images, videos, etc. If an incorrect value is specified, you'll receive 404 errors while loading these resources.

This config is only used in the production environment. In the development environment, please use the dev.assetPrefix to set the URL prefix.

After setting, the URLs of JavaScript, CSS and other static files will be prefixed with output.assetPrefix:


export default {
  output: {
    assetPrefix: 'https://cdn.example.com/assets/',

After building, you can see that the JS files are loaded from:


Differences from Native Configuration

output.assetPrefix corresponds to the following native configurations:

The differences from the native configuration are as follows:

  • output.assetPrefix only takes effect in the production environment.
  • output.assetPrefix automatically appends a trailing / by default.
  • The value of output.assetPrefix is written to the process.env.ASSET_PREFIX environment variable.