• Type: boolean | object
  • Default: false

By setting output.convertToRem, the Builder can do the following things:

  • Convert px to rem in CSS.
  • Insert runtime code into the HTML template to set the fontSize of the root element.

Boolean Type

If output.convertToRem is set to true, Rem processing capability will be turned on.

export default {
  output: {
    convertToRem: true,

At this point, the rem configuration defaults as follows:

  enableRuntime: true,
  rootFontSize: 50,
  screenWidth: 375,
  rootFontSize: 50,
  maxRootFontSize: 64,
  widthQueryKey: '',
  excludeEntries: [],
  supportLandscape: false,
  useRootFontSizeBeyondMax: false,
  pxtorem: {
    rootValue: 50,
    unitPrecision: 5,
    propList: ['*'],

Object Type

When the value of output.convertToRem is object type, The Builder will perform Rem processing based on the current configuration.


Name Type Default Description
enableRuntime boolean true Whether to generate runtime code to calculate and set the font size of the root element
inlineRuntime boolean true Whether to inline the runtime code to HTML. If set to false, the runtime code will be extracted into a separate convert-rem.[version].js file and output to the dist directory
rootFontSize number 50 The root element font size
maxRootFontSize number 64 The root element max font size
widthQueryKey string '' Get clientWidth from the url query based on widthQueryKey
screenWidth number 375 The screen width for UI design drawings (Usually, fontSize = (clientWidth * rootFontSize) / screenWidth)
excludeEntries string[] [] To exclude some page entries from injecting runtime code, it is usually used with pxtorem.exclude
supportLandscape boolean false Use height to calculate rem in landscape
useRootFontSizeBeyondMax boolean false Whether to use rootFontSize when large than maxRootFontSize
pxtorem object
  • rootValue (Default is the same as rootFontSize)
  • unitPrecision: 5
  • propList: ['*']
postcss-pxtorem options


export default {
  output: {
    convertToRem: {
      rootFontSize: 30,
      excludeEntries: ['404', 'page2'],
      pxtorem: {
        propList: ['font-size'],