• Type: string[]
  • Default: []

By default, Modern.js identifies the application entry point based on the src directory. You can use this option to prevent some directories from being recognized as application entry points.

For example, with the following configuration and directory structure:

export default defineConfig({
  source: {
    disableEntryDirs: ['./src/one'],
Project directory structure
└── src/
    ├── one/
    |    └── App.tsx
    ├── two/
    |    └── routes/
    └── env.d.ts

Without setting this configuration option, Modern.js will produce two entries based on the project directory:

  • one
  • two

After setting this configuration option, the src/one directory will not be recognized as an entry directory.

A common use case is to configure the src/common and src/components directories in this option to prevent them from being recognized as application entry points.