• Type:
type DistPathConfig = {
  root?: string;
  html?: string;
  js?: string;
  css?: string;
  svg?: string;
  font?: string;
  wasm?: string;
  image?: string;
  media?: string;
  server?: string;
  worker?: string;
  • Default:
const defaultDistPath = {
  root: 'dist',
  html: 'html',
  js: 'static/js',
  css: 'static/css',
  svg: 'static/svg',
  font: 'static/font',
  wasm: 'static/wasm',
  image: 'static/image',
  media: 'static/media',
  server: 'bundles',
  worker: 'worker',

Set the directory of the dist files. Builder will output files to the corresponding subdirectory according to the file type.


  • root: The root directory of all files.
  • html: The output directory of HTML files.
  • js: The output directory of JavaScript files.
  • css: The output directory of CSS style files.
  • svg: The output directory of SVG images.
  • font: The output directory of font files.
  • wasm: The output directory of WebAssembly files.
  • image: The output directory of non-SVG images.
  • media: The output directory of media assets, such as videos.
  • server: The output directory of server bundles when target is node.
  • worker: The output directory of worker bundles when target is service-worker.

Root Directory

The root is the root directory of the build artifacts and can be specified as a relative or absolute path. If the value of root is a relative path, it will be appended to the project's root directory to form an absolute path.

Other directories can only be specified as relative paths and will be output relative to the root directory.


The JavaScript files will be output to the distPath.root + distPath.js directory, which is dist/static/js.

If you need to output JavaScript files to the build/resource/js directory, you can add following config:

export default {
  output: {
    distPath: {
      root: 'build',
      js: 'resource/js',