Micro-frontend (MFE) is an architecture style similar to microservices. It is a composition of multiple independently delivered frontend applications, forming a cohesive whole. MFE decomposes frontend applications into smaller, simpler applications that can be developed, tested, and deployed independently while still appearing as a cohesive single product to users.

It primarily addresses two problems:

  • Difficulty in maintaining large and complex applications as they evolve over time.
  • Inefficiency caused by cross-team or cross-department collaboration in project development.


In the micro frontend, applications are divided into main application, and sub-applications.

  • Main application: The base project of the micro frontend project, all sub-applications will be loaded by it.
  • Sub-application: An application developed and deployed independently will eventually be loaded by the main application.


  • Base on Garfish
  • Generator supports
  • Support React component-based reference micro-front-end sub-application
  • Support loading
  • Support main application online and sub-application offline debugging mode

You can learn how to develop a micro frontend master app in the section Experience micro frontend.