Build Engine

Modern.js Builder refers to the build layer of Modern.js. Its goal is to provide Modern.js users with out-of-the-box build capabilities and support seamless switching between webpack and Rspack.

Modern.js Builder is based on Rsbuild. Rsbuild is a build tool for web development scenarios that can be used independently of Modern.js.

Build Architecture

From a building perspective, Modern.js is divided into three layers, from top to bottom:

  • Upper-level development framework: Modern.js.
  • Common build tool: Modern.js Builder.
  • Low-level bundler: webpack and Rspack.

Builder Documentation

The documentation address of Rsbuild is:

In this documentation, you can learn about the detailed introduction of Rsbuild, and you can also find complete usage guides for various building capabilities.

If you want to understand the use of build configurations, it is recommended that you read the Modern.js documentation first, because the build configurations and defaults in Modern.js are not exactly the same as Rsbuild.

Builder Capabilities

Rsbuild provides rich build capabilities, including JavaScript compilation, CSS compilation, static assets processing, code hot update, code compression, TS type checking, and dozens of other capabilities.

We recommend that you read 「Rsbuild - All Features」 to learn about all the features provided by Rsbuild.