Introducing Changesets

Modern.js integrates changesets for package version management in Npm Module and Monorepo project.


Changesets have the following features:

  • During development, developers need to provide the package names, the type of version upgrade (pathch, minor, major), and change information involved in this change.

  • When releasing a version, the version number of the corresponding package will be automatically upgraded based on the content of the changeset, and changelog information will be generated in the corresponding package.

  • In the Monorepo project, changesets will automatically generate a repository dependency graph, and only upgrade the version numbers of the changed packages and related dependent packages during upgrade.


The Npm Module and Monorepo project created by Modern.js have already initialized changesets. The .changeset directory and the configuration file .changeset/config.json will be automatically created in the project root directory.

In addition, Modern.js provides corresponding commands for changesets in its corresponding project tools @modern-js/module-tools and @modern-js/monorepo-tools, and there is no need to manually install changeset-related dependencies.

The default configuration for changesets is as follows:

  "$schema": "",
  "changelog": "@changesets/cli/changelog",
  "commit": false,
  "linked": [],
  "access": "restricted",
  "baseBranch": "main",
  "updateInternalDependencies": "patch",
  "ignore": []

The configuration file provides some basic configurations for generating changesets. For detailed field descriptions, please refer to Changesets configuration.


  • change: Creates a changeset. After running this command, a changeset file will be automatically generated in the .changeset directory.

  • bump: Upgrades the version of the corresponding package based on the current changeset.

  • pre: Marks entering and exiting pre release mode. When running the bump command in pre release mode, the version format will be x.x.x-${pre-tag}.x.

  • release: Publishes the package to NPM.

  • status: Views the current changeset status.

  • gen-release-note: Generates Release Note information based on the current chagneset status.

For specific command-supported parameters, please refer to the corresponding chapter introduction.