Mixed Stack

The Modern.js micro frontend scheme is based on the Garfish package and provides some more out-of-the-box usage.

When your main application and sub-application are not all Modern.js applications, you can refer to this document.

  1. The sub-app is Modern.js, the native Garfish micro frontend used by the main app.
  2. The main application is Modern.js, and some sub-applications have other technology stacks.

Modern.js Sub App

Modern.js subapps compile to generate a standard Garfish subapp export. So you can directly access the standard micro frontend main application.


The child application is Modern.js, when the main application uses the native Garfish micro frontend, the child application debugging mode is not available.

Modern.js Main App

The Main App is Modern.js, and other technology stacks used by sub-applications. Sub-App can be developed according to Garfish Sub-Application Standard.